Dreaming to bring my own inspired digital artworks to people across the world. My boys finger paintings and kindergarten crafts is what initially inspired this adventure with what I like to call my own creative play – so it seemed fitting to also create Grafic Muse Kids. But this story begins way earlier then that…

How it all started

Remember that show Mr. Squiggle and Friends (1959-1999, ABC show)? Where children would send in their “squiggles” and Mr. Squiggle would turn them into recognisable drawings by connecting the lines with his pencil nose… I was totally mesmerized by this whole concept. I would play this game with my two boys all the time – not just to keep them entertained, I enjoyed the inspiration I got from turning their squiggles into art. Still today I find myself creating shapes in my mind when looking at clouds, the way bark falls off a tree, maybe it’s the way the milk had spilt, or even the froth in my coffee today – I see a girl swirling her dress around…tomorrow it might be a dog with a bone, etc.

As years passed and my boys grew up, life has evolved – whilst cleaning out cupboards I found a box of finger paintings that I had stored away as mementos, not sure why I was still holding onto them, but also not wanting to throw them out – I played with idea of creating art out of them. So, around 2012 I started using their finger paintings within artworks I would create digitally, then have them printed onto canvases and give them as finished pieces to family and friends as Christmas presents. They loved the whole idea that these artworks were created by their grandchildren/nephews/cousins finger paintings and my skills as an artist/graphic designer, etc… and not to mention that they always finished up looking like a masterpiece that they took absolute pleasure in telling all their family and friends that these amazing artworks came from two very young creative minds.

The added bonus of this whole adventure is that art, photography and graphic design are passions of mine from a very young age. My mother would tell you I was creating beautiful art from the second I could hold a pencil – especially on the walls of our family home back in Melbourne, lol. Today I am blessed that this has all prevailed into the present. I have been in the design and print industry since 2000 and still loving it today. Grafic Muse and Grafic Muse Kids is another way to share my skills and love of art and at the same time turn any little one’s beautiful mess (finger painting) into a stunning work of fine art.



Art pulls a community together…
Art makes you feel differently.
That’s what artists are doing all the time,
shifting and changing the way you see life. 

— Lister Sinclair



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